Circuit Board Art

Circuit Board Map of the World

This is an installation that I wish I had been able to see in person. It was called Vulnerable Ecologies by Susan Stockwell and was made entirely of recycled computer parts. My favorite piece in the collection is the map of the world created with circuit boards. It is beautiful as you can see in the picture below.

circuit board map

I love the color and texture that she achieves with this piece, and I know that in the entire collection she makes a statement with her art. However, the reason that I decided to share this collection with you all is because it gives a beautiful example of how it is possible to use a normal, utilitarian object like a circuit board and turn it into something absolutely beautiful.

More importantly though, I hope that it inspires some of you guys to use your surplus circuit boards in a creative way. I would love to see some ideas of ways that you guys have used your circuit boards to create pieces of art whether they are functional or simply beautiful. Please use the contact form and send in a picture and a short description of your work and if I like it, I will feature it here on my site. I am always looking for new and innovative uses for found objects and especially circuit boards.

If you are looking for materials, you will probably want to look for printed circuit boards (pcb) in the classified ads near you to see if anyone has surplus that they are getting rid of for cheap/free. Also, you could talk to a pcb assembly service to see if they can point you in the right direction to find a source of surplus circuit boards. If you want to read more about printed circuit board assembly, you can read about TQI, Inc in Huntington Beach, CA.


Circuit Board Art

Beautiful Circuit Board Table

I am all about turning everyday things into art, and recently I have fallen in love with turning circuitry into art. And the below project is both beautiful and functional. The creator was hoarding circuit boards to turn into something when the idea of a table struck him, and I think that it was an absolutely wonderful idea. David from has some really cool project ideas, but this is by far my favorite. Here is a picture of the final product.

beautiful printed circuit board table

A couple of cool things about this project. First, the printed circuit boards were all recycled. That is a lot of computer components that now do not need to be thrown away which is pretty cool. And second, the wood of the table all comes from a walnut tree that he had to have cut down in his back yard. He had the wood milled and I think he found a great use for it in this table! So all in all, not only is this a beautiful art piece, it is about as green of a project as you can expect to find anywhere.

Over at, you can find the plans for the table if you would like to make a similar project. David describes it as a table inside a table – meaning that there is an inner table for the mounting of the circuit boards. He likens it to a very large wooden diorama (just like the ones that you used to make in elementary school – only so much cooler!).

So, if you have a box of old circuit boards and a little bit of wood, this might be the perfect use for them. Or, this might be the inspiration that gives you that spark of an idea that leads to your perfect project. I wish you luck and look forward to seeing your creations!